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not quite a zombie movie...

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 14 May 2006 01:52 (A review of 28 Days Later)

Some people have criticized this movie for not staying true to the zombie concept, “Zombies don’t run” and all that flack. But if you pay attention to this movie, they aren’t even zombies. They are infected with a pure form of “rage” as it’s called. The zombies don’t rise from the dead, and aren’t even dead. Thought it is questionable on the quantity of blood they loose, they should be dead. These “zombies” aren’t even Zombie like. They have cognitive thought processes, and they aren’t dumb. There are multiple situations in the movie where this is shown.

I like this movie for the fact its not typical zombie movie. It’s not predictable, and it’s not truly based around zombies. It’s a story of the few characters that happen to be going through the world during this time, and zombies are just a secondary cast. They make their few brief appearances, which are also the gory scenes. But the majority of the movie is about the 4 surviving people that we start to gain a connection with, and stress and worry about what happens to them… the true antagonists are what you should be truly afraid of, other survivors.

Amazing movie, great cast, great story, and great emotion. Despite what many people bash this movie about, many of those things make this movie unique and unlike any zombie movie you’ve ever seen. If you want a typical zombie movie, go see Dawn of the Dead or Land of the dead. We all know how those movies go. But if you want something fresh, watch 28 Days Later.

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Top Notch

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 14 May 2006 01:40 (A review of Kingdom Hearts II)

Kingdom Hearts 2 is an excellent sequel. Bringing back the Final Fantasy and Disney concoction that amazingly makes sense. I, not being a super FF fan and never played a FF game, still got a lot out of this game and its 2 predecessors; Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA.

The new combat system is excellent, providing some intense and fast paced action sequences through a “reaction” command. Depending when you press ‘triangle’ will cause our main character Sora to either gain the upper hand with an amazing defensive move, or team up with any party members unleashing huge combo attacks. The new added forms make for some amazing animation sequences, Sora can morph into a more powerful mode allowing him to have unlimited magic or wield 2 Keyblades, giving the ultimate feeling of Power and Invincibility. All forms can be leveled up to allow for more powerful attacks, and some of the skills carry over into his normal form, such as glide, dodge, high jump, and double jump.

The revamped “gummy ship” (which left a lot to be desired in KH1) is nice, something reminiscing of old school top down arcade shooters like; 1942 and the Raiden series. The gummy ship levels seem more like a mini game. They don’t fit in to the story in any way, removing any motivation to finish the “gummy missions” they provide. But none the less, the gummy levels are just a fun little side game.

With the enhanced fighting system, added abilities and forms, boss battles were the ultimate battle. Those despised uber-creatures that can make or break how you feel about a game… too easy and you can get bored. But too hard, you loose the motivation to play again. Though on normal I only ‘died’ a few times (lost all time battles once in the game. but never from loss of health). KH2 found a good middle ground on the difficulty. You did feel the power each boss had, and your heart would be racing even though you had full life, and your heart would almost stop once your health got to 1/4 left, then, just in time Donald comes in with a Potion and heals you. The difficulty on Normal is more of an easy setting for me. So I’m going to play again on the hardest setting for more of a challenge.

Most games loose it once you get to the end. By either not having an ending and leaving you at a “congratulations: the end” text or just some lame wrap up of the plot. KH1, KH:CoM have had superb endings. KH2 doesn’t disappoint. With the about 20-30 minute boss fight and final animation sequence, you feel complete once you’ve finish it. I felt great and was constantly smiling for the 3 days after I bet it. Not to mention the fact that KH2 like KH1 has a secret ending. (Which I have yet to truly achieve on Normal setting) but you can download the secret ending with some searching.

If you own the game already, the secret ending is something to be seen. Like KH1 the secret ending introduces some possible new characters, and hints at a new story line for the confirmed KH3 (which is not in production at this time, but it is said that there will for sure be a KH3 for the PS3 at some undefined point in the future).

I gave this game a full star ranking.

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fun and beautifull

Posted : 12 years, 8 months ago on 23 November 2005 05:44 (A review of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition)

Now, when it comes to RPG games, im no expert. i haven’t picked up a controller and played final fantasy, nor any other rpg for that fact. besides kingdom hearts and grand theft auto san Andréa’s (yes by definition its a rpg). Recently got the game, and haven’t stopped playing it, honestly been playing it non stop. At took a while to get into it, because I'm not very in tune with how rpg games play out, so my character was very weak at first, then I restarted with a custom character that’s perfect. Now I cant stop playing the game… the sound effects and character animation could be better. The music is very repetitive, and can drag on if your lost and looking for something that you haven’t a clue where it is because you haven’t revealed it on your map. But this is a fun aspect of the game. The adventure part of the game is great. But can lead to disaster if your not leveled up enough.

the over all look of the game is great. its amazing to find some random cave and its a vast cavern of tombs and ruins. along with the over design of the world, the textures and weather effects are great. i honistly jumped the first time i had a thunder storm.

this game could ruin your life, because you will spend hours uppon hours playing it.

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could be better

Posted : 12 years, 8 months ago on 23 November 2005 05:32 (A review of The Matrix: Path of Neo)

honistly this is a quite enjoyable game. 'alternate ending' is nothing but a copout. dispite that, the combat is very nice. i absolutly loved playing moments forom the movies, sliping in and out of bullet time, and having he camera swoop into a dynamic camera view for a final blow.

now there are some problems in this game, and it could of, no, should have been better

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Good improvement

Posted : 12 years, 8 months ago on 21 November 2005 11:52 (A review of Mario Kart: Double Dash)

Mario cart Double Dash, is a great step forward for the Mario cart games. Allowing not just a multiplayer mode, but a team mode where you’re both on the same vehicle. Though this can get a little complicated during switches whilst racing. There are some problems. The game really tries to make you only go forward. No deviating off the track or even flipping your cart over. It can glitch out when you somehow manage to land at a slant or sideways (which is rare). But overall this is the best Mario cart game because it’s an obvious improvement from the 64. One thing to note: the battle tracks could have been a little more interesting and diverse.

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